And that’s a wrap…

Countries visited:5

Miles walked: 171.94

Pictures taken: 3718

Money spent: Too much

Memories made: Priceless!!!


Thirty days flew by, I can’t believe after nearly a year of planning my trip has come and gone.  And what a wonderful trip it was! There is really nothing I would have changed about this trip.  My hotels were all really nice, all of my transportation worked out without any problems and the weather was some of the best I have ever had while in Europe. I came home with some great pictures, a bag full of souvenirs and a head cold!

I can’t thank everyone enough for following my journey and for all the caring thoughts and comments throughout the month. I definitely can’t thank my mom enough for driving 3000 miles to care for my fur-babies while I traipsed around Europe. She went above and beyond by not only caring for Daisy and Neena but she also painted my porch, pruned all the bushes in my front yard and did other little things around my house, Thanks Mom!

I have already begun daydreaming about my next trip(watching the Olympics is making me want to go to Rio) .  The next big one won’t be for a few more years but in the mean time I will take a few smaller/shorter trips.  San Antonio is in the pipeline for the spring.  Just because my journey is over my blog is not, I will continue to blog at least monthly if not more often so stay tuned for future blog entries!



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